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I am running for office because our school district continues to face a number of challenges that require commitment and great leadership in the boardroom. I am clear about the need to close the achieve each and every scholar have access to a quality education that prepares them with the tools needed to lead a productive and full life.

My husband Mike and I are parents to four amazing children, four are school age and attend Osseo Public Schools. We believe our children deserve an absolute top notch educational experience just like the other 22,000 students deserve in the Osseo School District.

Board leadership. I am passionate and deeply care that this district runs with a strong, transparent, fiscally responsible, community-connected board built on sound and established governance standards and principles. 


Strengthen our district. I want to be a catalyst to strengthen our school system.  We are the fifth-largest school district in the state representing eight cities with extremely diverse racial, geographic and socieo-economic demographics, including competing interests and priorities.  Yet, many commonalities exist. 


Connecting our community. I have the skills to lead and listen through tough and courageous conversations, through better connecting our community, through problem solving together and through leading thoughtfully. Our students will do their best when they know their community is behind them in a unified way.

Support our teachers. Our teachers are the foundation of our district, they are with our children the majority of the day and are critical to the success of our district and to achieving the mission.

Bring our mission to life. I believe in the mission of our school district. To inspire and prepare all students with the confidence courage and competence to achieve their dreams, contribute to community and engagement in a lifetime of learning. I want to  take the time to celebrate our wonderful district and at the same time address our areas of deficit.

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