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Vote for KELSEY for Osseo School Board!

Kelsey Dawson Walton is both a proven strategic leader and a passionate force for community engagement across all of District 279. She sees public education as the heart of our communities, and the key to unlock dreams and level the playing field for children from all backgrounds. 


Kelsey has staked her career to being a bridge-builder, a strong negotiator, and a practitioner of good governance and policy. She brought these skills and a long-term vision to her first term on the District 279 School Board. She worked tirelessly to create and approve new Inclusion and Equity programs such as RISE (Radically Investing in Scholar Excellence), regular student engagement with the Board, and the district’s first Legislative Action Committee. She also shepherded development of a curriculum that supports academic achievement by encouraging self management and responsible decision making, among other life skills . She spearheaded the district’s first board resolutions uplifting and recognizing students of color, affirming LGBTQ students and staff, and declaring no tolerance for Asian hate in our schools.  


Elected Board Chair two years into her term, she led the board to set the direction and conclude a new Strategic Plan for all 24 schools in the district. She also presided over critical operating and capital levies approved by voters in 2022, Building a Better Future, Phase I. 


Kelsey grew up Brooklyn Park, MN, raised by parents who were both educators and accomplished leaders in non-profit/community services. Her own four children have attended schools in Maple Grove and Osseo, participated in district sports and themselves have been leaders in building inclusive support for students in their schools. 


In other capacities, Kelsey has served as chair of the Metropolitan School Districts, a Cohort Member for the Leading the Future series (LeaF), and current Panel Member for the School Board Integrity Project.


Since 2009, Kelsey has worked in public policy, economic development, and countywide outreach and engagement positions with Hennepin County Government. She works daily with county commissioners, agency leaders, judicial system and community members to build relationships, create partnerships and results. Her latest assignment focuses on proactive prevention of truancy.


Prior to that, she worked in various non-profits (African American Family Services, Girl Scouts, Junior Achievement), and for Congressman Jim Ramstad, the Committee on Ways and Means, and Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky in Washington, DC.


Strengthen our district

I want to continue to be a catalyst to strengthen our school system.  We are the fifth-largest school district in the state representing eight cities with extremely diverse racial, geographic and socioeconomic demographics, including competing interests and priorities.  Yet, many commonalities exist namely safe schools and academic excellence which is inclusive of each and every scholar. 


Connecting our community

I have the skills to lead and listen through tough and courageous conversations, through better connecting our community, through problem solving together and through leading thoughtfully. Our students will do their best when they know their community is behind them in a unified way.

Support our educators

Our educators are the foundation of our district, they are with our children the majority of the day and are critical to the success of our district and to achieving the mission. The education profession is a calling, I truly believe that and I believe and trust our educators.

Bring our mission and vision to life

I led our school board through a strategic planning process through some of the most unpredictable times. I believe more than ever in the mission and vision. To inspire and prepare each and every scholar with the confidence, courage and competence to achieve their dreams; contribute to community; and engagement in a lifetime of learning. With the bold and powerful vision to unleash and enhance the brilliance of our scholars to thrie and change the world. 

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Mission of Osseo School District 

is to inspire and prepare all scholars with the confidence, courage and competence

to achieve their dreams; contribute to community; and engage in a lifetime of learning.

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